Get started creating your own groups and pages with us! Our community is coopertive and open sourced!

Getting Started

Learn how add your groups to our member areas on our website!

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We don't have many things for you to download that are not codes or a git of some kind, you can take a look at our Gitlab or Glitch profiles for tons of projects.

Download Site

Download This Site

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A stack of information on from tokens to installing Minds this is the place to start, if you read everything in our guide and still need help tell us where you got stuck.

The Minds Handbook

A stack of info on Minds

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Looking for a way to run our website and its links in a native app? Try out our mobile app from Firefox Nightly!

Install Our App

MindsGaming Mobile

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Don't Want to code? Feel free to drop your link in here for us to add at some point if we like it! You can also wire us tokens to get your group on our website or of course code with us!

Launching Area

Launch Your Group With Our Community Website!

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Our channel has some great blogs about Minds, tokens and just some fun stuff to read. Make sure to check them out we would appreciate it! :)

Our Channel Blogs


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