Make sure to check out our gaming groups! Our main group is run by us but others by users like yourself!!!


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What goes better with gaming then some jamming music? Our member listings have almost every genre of music! Not to mention the community music group that is for anything music and rocks out all day!


Community & Member Music Groups

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Looking for real news shared by real users around the world? Our community news room is just the place to get the lastest news shared by users :)


Community News Group

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Looking to share videos of any kind not just gaming? Make sure to stop by MindTube our community tube area!


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Do you like snapping photos or creating artwork? Seems like a lot of our members sure do. Drop by our community photography & art group for some amazing content!

Photograpy & Art

Share your Photography & Art

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Like reading storys, or maybe writing them? Our community WritingCorner is the place to be. Write to your hearts content, or read.


Community Writing Corner

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Don't get your feeling hurt and have fun, the original Minds MemeWars group may not be for beginers but you can always try!


Freedom TO MEME!

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Take a walk outside without ever leaving the community, okay you should actually take a walk outside every now and again you know so you can share some content as well.


Take a walk outdoors!

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I forgot what I was going put here but you should totally check out this group, if you havent heard from me in a few days I probally got lost in here, please find me.


It's Always 4:20 in 420Time

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Looking for help? Try our member help groups!


Get help with Minds

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